Grounded in Strength ©

Borrowed from Athletes, Applied to Business

Grounded in Strength is a communication skills training program designed specifically for women in leadership. Through a series of workshops, the Grounded in Strength sessions examine gender differences in communication style and how women can leverage their strengths to maximize their impact in meetings, presentations and business settings.

Participants learn to speak with clarity and recognize how careful word choice can increase their credibility. Women gain a better understanding of their own decision-making ability, influence and negotiating style, while learning how to maintain control in meetings and stay on message. This program is designed to increase speaking confidence by building on core strengths and achievements.

All training sessions are customized to the individual needs of our clients. Tools and techniques from the training are easily assimilated and can be directly applied to the participant’s current situation. Video-taped practice provides immediate skill integration and facilitates constructive feedback. Further development and follow-up is encouraged through Communication Tactics’ Personal Development Plan.

Grounded in Strength