Presentation Skills Training

Communications training for spokespersons and executives is an indispensable investment for every successful business and organization. Whether it's a presentation to the board of directors, a quarterly business review or an investor road show, the performance of the individual reflects directly upon the entire team or organization.

Communication Tactics’ Presentation Training is a practical and dynamic program designed to equip clients with the necessary skills and techniques for delivering highly-effective presentations and speeches. Given the immediacy of many communications challenges facing clients today, the techniques taught must be quickly grasped and directly applied to current situations. Participants learn how to deliver their message clearly, concisely and credibly, without belabored seminar-like instruction. Sessions are lively, stimulating and always hands-on. Video-taped practice provides immediate skill integration and facilitates constructive feedback.

All training sessions are customized to the individual needs of our clients. Program elements may include any or all of the following based on prior experience and skill level:

Contemporary communications overview
Content structure and organization
Perception vs. Content
Key message development
Controlling anxiety
Integrating PowerPoint into your delivery
Presenting with confidence and authority
Controlling discussions and meetings
Handling a question & answer session
Dealing with difficult people