Media Training

In today’s fast-paced 24-hour news cycle, proactive media engagement and well-developed timely responses can significantly strengthen a company’s corporate reputation. At Communication Tactics, we provide media training that addresses these needs in a highly-customized program which incorporates today’s headlines.

Participants learn structure and delivery techniques to clearly and concisely bring their message to the forefront. Our proven methodology ensures quick assimilation of each new skill, enabling our clients to immediately apply the tools and techniques from the training directly into their current situation. This proprietary program has set the standard for how to conduct a successful media interview with confidence and skill.

All media training sessions utilize our innovative “studio-on-the-go”, a fully-equipped reporter’s bag to simulate a realistic interview situation. Using cameras, microphones and topical Q&A, participants are video-taped and apply the techniques they’ve acquired from the morning session into the afternoon on-camera work.

Media trainers are all former journalists who provide practical knowledge and impart valuable insights and expert critique.