About Kate Nugent Curtis

Media veteran, PR practitioner and certified media trainer, Kate Nugent Curtis founded her own communications training consultancy, Communication Tactics Inc., in 2002.  

Prior to starting Communication Tactics and AC3, Ms. Curtis worked for Atlanta-based telecommunications company, Premiere Global Services as Director of Global Sales. Previously, Kate worked at one of the top Public Relations agencies in the southeast, James A. Fyock & Associates, providing presentation & media training to senior level executives. Ms. Curtis’ clients include many Fortune 500 companies where she worked with CEOs, VPs and management teams during high-level negotiations, strategy sessions and litigation hearings. Her expertise and communications finesse have guided many top company officers through crisis situations that have demanded community and media engagement.

Former TV and radio broadcaster, Ms. Curtis’ career in broadcasting started over 25 years ago in Washington DC at WETA-FM 91, National Public Radio. Since then, Kate has worked at ABC and CBS affiliated stations. Kate’s extensive experience in radio and television allow her media coaching sessions to offer particularly relevant insights on how to successfully conduct a media interview. Her years in the newsroom provide her clients with a unique understanding of the basic rules of engagement, interview “rights”, and how to level the playing field when talking to a reporter.

Kate’s insights have guided business leaders, challenged conventional thinking and delivered long-lasting results. Her continued success stems from her belief that communications training is not about “fixing” people, but rather educating, counseling and building on their core strengths. Kate’s clients have commented that her sessions are lively, engaging and thoughtful. She is a dynamic speaker with a passion for training and has a unique ability to educate and inspire while exhibiting the skills she teaches.

Originally from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kate currently resides in Seattle, Washington with her husband and two children. She has a degree in Broadcast Communications from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a Professional Certificate in Public Relations from the University of Washington. Kate is a longtime triathlete, avid downhill skier and bass guitar player. She is the President of Communication Tactics and a founding member of AC3 and the AC3 Partner Network.