Crisis Communications

Because an organization’s reputation is often its most valuable asset, our Crisis Communications training is an essential program to take before a crisis begins. Employees at every level will benefit from this full or half-day session.  Always timely and issue-specific, our highly customized training and intensive role-playing exercises help clients effectively respond to the demands of the crisis. Participants learn how to identify key publics relevant to your organization during a critical situation and how to communicate credibly and persuasively to various internal and external audiences.

Participants identify the primary communication objectives of the crisis and learn to convey a more deliberate, less reactive, message. Clients are prepared to handle multiple questions from reporters during a news conference, while keeping a firm hold on the rules of engagement with the media. Each session will address key message development and effective delivery techniques.  All exercises and scenarios are video-taped for immediate feedback.

Interactive group workshops are available and designed to engage all participants in a crisis-management scenario, allowing them to put into practice newly acquired communication tactics and strategies.

Communication Tactics instructors will work with you and your organization in advance to develop and refine your key messages.