About Communication Tactics

Communication strategist and public relations professional, Kate Curtis is President of Communication Tactics and founder of Grounded in Strength©. Kate has 20 years experience working with executives from Fortune 500 companies, offering speaker training and media coaching to business executives nationwide through seminars, workshops and full-day sessions. FULL BIO

The ability of an organization to communicate effectively and credibly starts with the individual. In an increasingly competitive business environment, strong communication skills are critical to drive organizational performance, improve customer satisfaction and project a high impact public persona. Whether it's a presentation to clients, colleagues, shareholders or the community, the performance of the individual reflects directly upon the entire business operation. Poor communication can destroy confidence in a company as well as undermine individual influence. When properly developed, effective communication elevates public awareness, preserves corporate confidence and bolsters credibility. Communications training throughout all levels of an organization is an indispensable investment in today's competitive business environment.

Complex business environments demand communication trainers with diverse skills, backgrounds and perspectives. Through a strategic partnership with The Academy of Certified Communication Coaches (AC3 Partners), Communication Tactics is one of the few media training companies with the ability to draw on nationwide expertise and engage high-profile media trainers from coast to coast. Additionally, if proximity is a concern during a media crisis, a PR executive and communications coach can be close at hand to support your team. More about AC3

While our partnership with AC3 provides a national reach and a global perspective, Communication Tactics remains strongly committed to the community in which it operates. We believe it is important to stay connected at a local level and maintain strong ties to business, political and educational leaders in the Seattle area. As part of our Seattle focus, Communication Tactics is dedicated to providing monthly PRO BONO services to individuals and non-profit organizations throughout the community.